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March 2013

MI5 financial scam

25th March 2013

The Security Service (MI5) has issued a public warning after fraudster’s have been trying to obtain money from people using their name.

Action Fraud web survey

22nd March 2013

We are currently conducting a short website survey and would appreciate your feedback.

MCO Capital trading licence revoked

21st March 2013

Payday Lender MCO Capital has had its company closed down by The Office of Fair Trading after it failed to stop fraudsters taking out loans using more than 7,000 stolen identities.

The OFT said the payday lender had inadequate identity checks for loan applicants, which led to MCO being targeted repeatedly by fraudsters.

Courier scam claims 2,229 victims in London alone

20th March 2013

A sophisticated courier scam in which people are tricked into sending their bank cards to fraudsters has lost victims over £2.4m in two years.

The scam targets elderly people and involves criminals phoning victims pretending to be from an authority to extract pin details. Although the figures are from London this scam is operating nationally. 

“Lebanese loop” cash machine scam

19th March 2013

West Midlands Police are urging people to take extra care when withdrawing money from ATM’s after receiving several reports of devices placed in cash machines.

Fake register scam

18th March 2013

The Financial Services Authority has warned that fraudsters are creating fake versions of the FSA Register to use as an aid in their scams.